Minimal effort summer makeup

Minimal effort summer makeup

I can’t stand the heat. It makes me feel all sluggish and even simplest things require way more effort to do that it usually does. As follows, I try to minimise my makeup routine as much as possible, while still looking put together. At least I pretend that I do.

If I am feeling like it (read gather up enough of a willpower to do my makeup at all), I tend to pull out my Bobby Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base. It stops my makeup from getting cakey and sliding off my face in a few hours. It does need a wet Beauty Blender though, as the cream itself is quite heavy and applied by hands just gets too much. Beauty Blender helps to thin it out and apply an equal layer all over.

As weird as it would sound, summer is the time I use most of my concealer. With the weather getting hotter my tolerance for full-on base greatly diminishes. That doesn’t mean I want to go all over barefaced. Whilst it works for lazy days at home, but I prefer to look as I put some effort whilst at work. A little bit of a concealer for the places you want to cover and that’s it, problem solved. I have been digging into my NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer. It gives a great coverage, is a little dryer and has a matte finish so tends to stick around longer. I feel it works better applied with fingers at that gives it an opportunity to melt a little bit and spread more evenly (though I doubt much help melting is needed whilst it’s 32°C outside).

If your skin is as oily as mine and needs an extra help to keep matte till the end of the day, a bareMinerals Matte SPF15 Foundation does the job. If there’s nothing needing extra coverage I tend to skip right to this one. Going around with a kabuki brush gives you slight coverage all over and somehow manages to not melt right off my face. That’s an achievement right there.

I have been using two blushes to give my face some dimension. I recently picked up MAC blush in Harmony and have to ask, how did I miss it? It’s taupe-y brownish colour and matte finish makes it perfect for settle contour. I mean full on contour would look weird with everything else being minimized to the max, right?

To finish off the cheeks and add some colour I have been reaching for Revolution Blushing Hearts blusher. Where was I when these were released? I have been avoiding all sparkly blushers due to my oily skin and I missed out big time. I love to use more peachy side of it and it gives the most natural and perfect glow to the cheeks. Weirdly enough, there are no glittery bits falling off my face. It just glows by itself (a pleasant surprise as in the box it looks rather glittery). 

Maybelline Total Temptation™ Volume Mascara is amazing. If you have not tried it – you must. It’s everything I expect from a good mascara. It gives length, it gives volume, doesn’t clump my lashes together and lasts throughout the day. All of it without a hefty price tag. 

If you happened to be wondering why no brow products appear, that is because I just got my eyebrows coloured/filled in with henna. So far I am happy with it as I don’t have to put any effort into them to look presentable and trying to draw on moderately even eyebrows does take time and effort. Would definitely recommend trying it out if you are not ready for full-on permanent brows as I am.

What is in your summer make up bag? Are you using any make up at all during the heat wave?

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