The first favourites of the 2015! I have been using minimal amount of make up this month. I’ll blame it to getting lazy and trying to blend in the library. Madness in your red eyes required. Sleep? overrated. NeoStrata Oily Skin Solution (more here – link) I am halfway through the bottle and my skin never looked…

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I have an obsession with all things purple or violet. I don’t know how normal people do perfume shopping, but with me it goes like Oh look, a purple bottle! Nah, I don’t like the smell. Lets try the violet one. The only time I would check anything not related to purple is when someone…

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I feel like the the whole year flew by before I even noticed. I wish time would slow down sometimes. At least it was a productive year, as a line up of great products I have discovered this year shows. The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil I am almost out of this one. No…

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Apparently we have skipped September monthly favourites. Oops. It feels like September and half of October just flew without me noticing it. On the bright side, we are back on track (or I just had too much sugar). This month I practically gave up on make up. It sounds weir and wrong to even type…

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To be honest, my perfume collection is non existent. I usually get attached to certain perfume and keep on using it till the very end. And then get a new one. So far I haven’t found the one I would repurchase over and over. Although all of the perfumes I ever owned fall into the…

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Is it just me or everything always ends up all at once? I mean, seriously, all the stuff you see came up empty last week. Well at least I can share what I have been using without hoarding bunch of stuff (just me trying to thing positive).  The first to end its life on the…

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