Is it just me or everything always ends up all at once? I mean, seriously, all the stuff you see came up empty last week. Well at least I can share what I have been using without hoarding bunch of stuff (just me trying to thing positive). 

The first to end its life on the shelf was Sebamed Clear Face Antibacterial Cleansing Foam. I got this back in the autumn when I got a terrible breakout. Still haven’t figured out why. This cleanser had actually helped a lot. All my spots cleared out, though not in a miraculous way. I should probably admit that not always have I used it as guidelines offer. While I tried keeping its foamy mass on the face for 5 minutes is harder than it seems. Somehow I would end up with bubbles in my nose. Not nice. If you think about picking one up bare in mind that it’s quite drying too.

I used to follow up with Lancome Tonique Pure Focus which should have minimised pores and helped with oil control. I am not sure if it genuinely did as it claimed. Nevertheless it was a little drying, though it did a great job at mattifying my skin. Considering Lancome discontinued it, the big question if I liked enough for repurchase solved itself.

I ran out of my day time moisturiser too. I was using Bioderma Sebium Global – Intensive Purifying Care from around when they first released it. I think this is actually my third tube. It does amazing job at keeping spots at bay and controlling oil production. It sinks into the skin fast, dries matt and makes a nice base for make up. Guess whose going to the pharmacy for more?

Now, this winter my skin become pretty dry. Obviously I could use body lotion, butter and something alike, but lets face it, most of the time I don’t have will to apply it or time to wait for it to sink in. And Dove Creme Mousse Hypoallergenic Body Wash was an amazing solution. It kept my skin moisturised and soft. It smells nice too.

Sadly, the day I was taking photo above I used up the last of my Davidoff Cool Water Woman EDT. I loved its clean, fresh scent. It was quite calming, and relaxing.

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