Lets face it, ebay is not a place you would think to look for make up brushes. I didn’t even thought of possibility before I noticed someones post about their experience. That got me intrigued and led to us there today with a set of face brushes.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much. They might have looked nice in the seller photos, but who knows what you will receive in the mail. I was pleasantly surprised when they finally came. 
The set of four kabuki brushes for £5,39 (here) is with unbranded matte black handles. All of them are really well made and sturdy. Soft, fluffy and so far no shedding (I washed all of them at least twice as of now). I worried that cleansing time would lead to sink full of bristles, but they all are going strong. As this was first brushes I got from ebay, I have no idea how any other is, but these when they first arrived smelled of glue (extremely fresh, just glued perhaps). Smell washed out if you’re wondering, but I thought it was worth mentioning. 
Basically they all do the same job and look kind of the same except for the one in the bottom. This one works wonders when you are blending foundation around your nose. Others do a great job too blending your foundation in. I think these would good for a newbie make up enthusiast or as spare set for lazy brush washers *cough* me *cough*.
Have you tried any brushes from ebay? Some others worth attention?

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