Good morning! You might have noticed that there was Tuesday post missing. That’s because I started my internship and happen to forget to schedule it…whoops.
To get back to today’s post, I have some serious frizz issue. I got my frizzy hair from my mom, whose hair on the good days and after bunch of styling only gets slightly less frizzy. I am serious, I tried to flat iron it, didn’t work. At this point I am grateful that situation on my head is actually controllable.

For a long time to get frizz free hair I would have to flat iron my hair. Or get a blow out. The sleek locks didn’t seem worth the heat damage. And trust me, I tried my fair amount of all defrizzing shampoos, serums and stuff alike. All of them would only lessen but not fix the situation. I imagine they would work just fine for normal person, but I have given up hope of heat-free sleek hair.

And then I got my hands on Organix Repairing Awapuhi Ginger Instant Recovery Mask (did they change their name?). It leaves your hair moisturised and soft after leaving it on for a few minutes in a shower, but the real magic begins when you leave it on for a 20 minutes. I don’t really like using masks in my hair after washing them (to lazy to wash it of afterwards), but this one I do without complaining. Now every other time I wash my hair I spread this through my hair and leave for 20 minutes or longer. After I muster enough will, I wash it of with the cold water and let them air dry. VoilĂ . The instant (6 hours later instant) frizz free soft and smooth hair. Smells nice too, but who cares about the smell when there’s no frizz happening.
Do you have similar problems? How do you fight frizz? 

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