Finally, I found the time to colour my hair and I am loving the new colour. 
For the last 5 years I have been using henna to make my hair more lively (or reddish). It does takes more work than a chemical ones where you are done in an hour. Actually it takes me from 4 to 12 hours. It depends if I sleep with the dyes in my hair or not. It doesn’t make a difference if you leave it for 4 or 12 hours, it’s just if I start dyeing late in the evening, I sometimes get to lazy to wash it out.

For the last 4 years I have been using Rainbow Research, Henna, 100% Botanical Hair Color and Conditioner. For the longest time I have been using Persian Mahogany, but last year switched to the Persian Red (that was an unexplainable decision as I still liked mahogany one better). This time I picked up a Rainbow Research, Henna Hair Color and Condition in Persian Burgundy (Dark Auburn) and I think this is my new favourite colour. I stock up on it in as I haven’t found it anywhere else so far. It costs around $6, but as I use up only third of it for one dyeing, it costs me $2 for each touch up. Bargain!

My favourite part of using henna for my hair is the fact it doesn’t fade and leave you with orange hair. If it fades, you just go back to your previous hair colour. Weirdly enough, this particular brand doesn’t fade out of my hair, so reddish hair till they grow out. I have to deal with my roots showing, but it’s a small price to pay for chemically undamaged hair and non fading hair colour.
If you are considering dying your hair with henna – do. It might seem messy, hard or confusing, but once you start and get better, it’s totally worth it. I like to use third of the jar for one application. Basically all you have to do, is add hot water to get it to usual hair dye consistency. I feel like I should mention, that you add boiling hot water, not slightly warm. You are basically making a tea and you do not make a tea with tepid water. Just let it cool down and once it’s cooled enough start applying to your hair. Afterwards I like to wrap my head in plastic food wrap to keep it warm and dyes from getting all over. Just wash it off 4 hours later and voilà, a new hair colour. P.S. if you thing of sleeping with dyes in your hair, put a towel on your pillow to avoid accidental stains.
You might use code UBI920 to get discount if you’re shopping for the first time.
How do you colour your hair? 

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