How often do you need to touch up your make up? Sometimes I get jealous of my friends with dry skin. Can you imagine no blotting throughout the day? To me it sounds like something out of fantasy movie. I have extremely oily t-zone and my face starts to get shiny after 3 hours. I pretend it’s a healthy glow. Very healthy… And then it’s very healthy shiny face. Good powder can give me an extra hour or two, but that’s it.

Today, I can keep my make up presentable till noon. That’s 6-7 hours. It might not seem long, but there are some oil glands working serious overtime. The big game changer was a Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder. It’s a loose finely milled powder that supposed to give you a rub, sweat and water resistant finish. Big claims, aren’t they? At this part I have to remind you, that this is a setting powder, not a blotting powder, so some oiliness will peak through. Whilst it doesn’t make you matte for years to come, it still does something, as I don’t get as oily as before.


The way I like to use it is by tapping some of the powder into the lid and then using either powder brush or a puff it comes with. I try to push more powder into places my make up tends to wear of faster. After few hours my face might look like an oily mess, but at least foundation is still in place, so it requires just a little blotting and I can carry on with my day. 

The finish it gives is amazing. Your skin looks soft and flawless. I like that it’s a translucent powder, meaning it doesn’t change the shade of foundation.

Have you tried Vichy Dermablend Foundation? What were your thoughts?

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