As I am typing this, I have survived the third week of my residency. And by survived I mean that some small part of my sanity is still intact. More or less. 
On the bright side, or at least a little brighter, I have found two products that are absolutely awesome. 

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Pack EX I have been eyeing product for a looong time. It’s not terribly high priced, but if I were to order a full size, there would be a certain custom fee. I know, that when a product is praised as much as this one, it usually means it deserved it, but I didn’t want to spend an extra money on something that might not work for my skin. And there we have a good part – I have found a sample sized version of it on eBay! Meaning, no custom fee, no big tube of product to gather dust if I didn’t enjoy it and you get enough product to last you for months (I use it once or twice a week and there still a lot of it)! 
So, if you are in need of a way to put some moisture back into your face – it’s a way to go. My skin felt this hydrated in a long time. AND it doesn’t make you feel oily, greasy and disgusting in the morning as a lot of I’ll hydrate your skin overnight type of products does. Just don’t apply to much.
I looove toners. It might be my favourite part of skincare after cleansers. It just makes me feel clean and relaxed. Weird huh? This particular one, the Hada-Labo Medicated Gokujyun Skin Conditioner, I came across whilst browsing among Hada-Labo toners. I was meaning to get one for quite a while, but couldn fihure out which one, so when I came across one meant for a breakout prone skin, I just bought it no questions asked. And what a good choice it was. As of now I am half way through it and have found a refill to purchase. 
If you are wondering how does it perform, it’s great. Since I have started sing it, I had no majot breakouts. There were some clogged pores during that time of a month, but they were gone as fast as they appeared. What I love about it, is that it doesn’t make me feel dried out after using it. That’s what the most toners that have alcohol in them does, but I am not a fan of most of alcohol-free ones either. I feel like they leave a residue on my skin. Hada-Labo one does have an alcohol in it, but it’s in the end of the list and it certainly doesn’t make you feel dry, more like exact opposite. Try it out, if you can get your hand on it, maybe you will love it as much as I do.

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