Etude House AC Clean Up Mild BB Cushion

I love cushions. The small compact that is comfortable to carry with you, has everything you need to apply it and usually works way better than usual foundation. Since the first time I tried Korean cushions, they become the product I carry with me and reach for first. And there’s the fact that the usual foundation doesn’t seem to perform as good as Korean ones for my combination skin.

Etude House AC Clean Up Mild BB Cushion is the one of the last few I tried and I love it. It became a product I reach for every day and I am stashing refills just in case I run out.
The cushion itself has a faint scent of a tea tree oil. Which I like weirdly enough. You can’t smell it once it’s on your face. To be fair I stopped noticing the smell after a few uses. I figure it is a little extra to help you with breakouts. Though for a product geared towards problem skin, it has only medium coverage. I genuinely expected it to be as full as it can be. You would want to cover it all up, right? In the end, I started really liking its buildable medium coverage. Letting your skin breathe is better than caking it in thick layers of foundation to hide all imperfections. That is what concealer is for.
I prefer applying it with the sponge included in the case (I spent a good hour trying to remember if it is called something in particular, but still…got nothing…) than beauty blender as it gives you better coverage and applies it more even. Weird, right? I spent few weeks not liking it, but then all of my beauty blenders were dirty and being in a hurry, I applied it using the included sponge. I fell in love then. It gives you higher coverage and looks more even and just overall better. It was meant to be.
The staying power is not amazing, but with a decent primer and setting it with powder it does last through out the day. I do need few touch ups in my T-zone as it does get shiny in the middle of the day, but it still looks great. I mean, unless you wipe it off aggressively it does look good as it wears down. AND it doesn’t accentuate your pores, dry patches or settle in fine lines!
I have been using it for the last three months (it’s actually a refill already and I have one more ready to go) and it is always a first foundation I reach for. I highly recommend you try it yourself.P.S. I am really into mint green now, so it gets one more thing working for it.       
P.P.S. I found it! The little spongey thing is actually called the puff.

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