Lottie London Selfie Ready Medium Coverage Matte Foundation

I have been eyeing Lottie London Selfie Ready Medium Coverage Matte Foundation

(the length of the name!) for while. A budget friendly foundation that is matte and holds up throughout the day? Yes, please. So, when it sneakily make its way into my shopping basket I was not surprised.

I have been using it for the last week and I am still on the fence about it. I love the texture of it. It feels light and breathable on the skin. I fell it doesn’t set fully matte but it makes my skin look more natural and alive (and much less work trying to draw sights of life afterward!). Coverage is medium that you can build up. I don’t think it would go all the way to the full coverage, but it could go somewhere close.

I feel it would be a great pick for those with normal or dry skin (if you moisturise beforehand). It lasts fabulously on my cheeks where I am normal to dry, but my T-zone is a lost cause. The amount of oil it manages to produce is mind blowing and very few foundations don’t get broken down by the middle of the day. I got very shiny after 5 hours of wear (sounds like not a bad time, but that is just a start of my work day) and while you can blot to try to look presentable, but it doesn’t look as good.
I feel like it’s a product worth giving a chance if you don’t have oily skin. The affordable price and a great result makes it worth your while.

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