How to blow-dry your hair in 10 minutes or less

How to blowdry your hair in 10 minutes or less

If you happened to have soft normal hair that can go without washing for few days. I don’t like you, purely out of jealousy. As every other girl with thick hair and an oily scalp. The whole idea of not washing it daily makes me shudder. At the end of my second day or just in the middle of it, my hair manages to get oily in half of its length and sometimes absorb nastiest smells around (why it’s never flowers or something nicely scented?). Yeah, it’s not a pretty look…

Either way, with every hair washing, comes the hair drying… “oh, just let it air dry” says the girls with smooth, fast drying hair. As soon as frizz comes in style and I will have half a day to wait for my roots to dry, I’m on it.  And the whole blow-drying process…takes forever if you have thick hair. Don’t forget, you need to be throughout because that teeny bit of moisture will make your hair puff up twice the size after about an hour. Flatiron helps somewhat, but every day? Na-ah. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

If you got through my passive aggressive ramblings about the unfairness of the world, I probably should share with you my tips for making daily torture last only 10 minutes (or less if your hair is more agreeable than mine).

Use microfiber towels

As you get out of the shower, squeeze as much water out of your hair as you can. Even the most absorbent towels won’t be able to help you if you leave your hair dripping all over. I love my microfiber towels to soak all the leftover moisture. Less water in your hair – less blow drying will have to happen.  If you have not tried one, definitely do! Besides taking out way more moisture than a normal cotton towel it dries faster too.

How to blowdry your hair in 10 minutes or less

Brush out your hair before drying

After getting my brush caught in my hair when I also have a blow dryer in my other hand multiple times I started doing this every time I blow-dry my hair. I used to think, oh I will just brush through few times and I will be done, but that never works. The usual result is going through the same place more than a few times and wasting time. The blow dryer is usually still running focused in that one spot… (I am not so great at multitasking). Either way, another good thing it does is spreading the leftover moisture all over your hair, so you wouldn’t be left with a wet scalp and dried out ends of your hair. My favourite brush to achieve it is WetBrush Glitter brush. It works through tangles like a champ and without any pain!

Quick dry brush for the roots

Wet Brush, Speed Dry Brush (mine is an old desing which is discontinued, but they released an updated version). This is it. Yup! That’s the big secret. This big boy in lovely purple lets you dry your roots in a minute or two. All it takes is for you to brush through your hair roots lifting them with it and a blow dryer. Voila. All done. Except for the ends, but that doesn’t take long.

Round brush for the ends

WetBrush Tourmaline Blowout – you need this in your life. It works beautifully to help you get rid of the frizz. I found this one accidentally whilst I was hunting down foldable wet brush. The bristles are very soft and don’t pull my hair as a usual round brush does. I would use the usual round brush, even though I don’t like it cause I always manage to scratch myself with it, but if I can have this one, why even bother with the other one.

Hair oil to tame that frizz

The extra tip for my friends with thick and frizzy hair that doesn’t get weighed down easily. Do try out CHI Silk Infusion (can be found in amazon). I have been using it for a very long time and lost the number of bottles I have gone through. It helps my hair dry faster and ads a beautiful shine. Even if it is really humid outside, my hair puffs up only a little bit and the shine! It gives the best healthy look to the hair. Moroccanoil Treatment Original is also a great product to help tame little fly aways whilst adding healthy shine to the hair.



P.S. Wet brush did not sponsor this post. And yes, it’s a got to have them all situation. Preferably in purple. I like their purple.

P.P.S. Wet Brush seem to have a selfie brush…I mean really?! It’s not in purple… sadly?

P.P.P.S. Every one who says that having short hair helps are liars! Unless you shave your head…or something close to it. That might work.

P.P.P.P.S I enjoy writing these.

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