Lovin’ right now

Lovin right now

As the sun keeps scorching and heat and humidity levels keep rising, my make up quality seems to be going steadily down. It just like there’s no point in it. Even if it survived my extremely oily skin, it just melts off from high heat, humidity and sweat. Yeah, you try running around gracefully speed walking in a building with most of its windows toward the sun and no air conditioning to speak of. It just doesn’t survive.

That doesn’t mean I don’t keep trying. Every morning I draw my left eyebrow, try to do the same to the right and fail completely. Try to apply powder all over the skin, have it disappear in places unknown. There seems to be a constant struggle, but some of the products does make daily struggle suck less.

Bobby Brown Vitamins Enriched Face Base

I have seen few YouTubers use Bobby Brown Vitamins Enriched Face Base  and have great results with it, but most of the time the review consisted of “my makeup looks better”. I don’t know about you, but if I am planning on buying expensive makeup products, I expect a little bit more than just an “it will look good”. That was till I came across a small, 15 ml pot of it. I just couldn’t say no. Now I have been reaching for it every day. You need only the smallest amount of it over your skin (a beauty blender works great for application) to have an even, moisturised skin. Even foundation lies over it beautiful as it doesn’t cling to dry patches. What’s more, I have noticed my skin tone got evener. Definitely, a must have.

Lovin right now

Maybelline Total Temptation™ Volume Mascara

This – you need in your makeup bag. Honestly, it’s a fake lashes in a tube. It gives length, it gives volume (not in a clumped up I have five lashes in each eye way, but natural thicker ones that look like they doubled in amount). The formula itself tends to run a little wet at first (the number of q-tips I used up to clean up can attest to that), but after a week it became perfect. And my lashes every day are just that – perfect.

Dior Forever Undercover Foundation

I have not been planning on buying DIOR DIORSKIN FOREVER Undercover Foundation. I have looked up some reviews when it was first released, but that was that. I actually have been planning to pick up a new tube of Estee Lauder Double Wear Light but as you can probably guess, that didn’t happen. And I am very much glad cause I love this foundation. The whole “full coverage” deal scared me a bit as I am not much into it, but a wet beauty blender lets you sheer it out to medium coverage. For a day to day, that is perfect (never mind that having the ability to add a little bit of foundation to areas you would like a little bit more coverage is a great time saver). My base lasts throughout the whole day (that is a whopping 10-12 hours). The blotting still needs to happen but it never disrupts my make up.  Love.

Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting Powder

I fell like was in my make up bag forever. You might want to check it out here. It’s still my favourite powder to set my makeup with. I have noticed that the mattifying part doesn’t last as long during the warmer months, but it still helps my make up stay in place without it looking cakey or blotchy.Lovin right now

Max Factor Brow Shaper Pencil

Max Factor Brow Shaper Pencil  is the first pencil of Max Factor (among eyebrow ones) I saw that doesn’t need sharpening. I only saw three colours available, but the darkest works really well for me. It’s not mindblowing discovery, but it being a perfect colour and staying throughout the day makes it perfect. I do have a back up already.

What is yours to go product? Any new discoveries you are loving now?

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