Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer

Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer

I love washing my hair in the mornings and go out with a fresh hair. Makes me feel cleaner and fresher? What I do not enjoy is leaving house with wet hair. That never end well. Neither for me, nor people around me that has to witness such travesty. 

So… three weeks ago my hair dryer drew his last breath. I am very saddened by this loss as it was a great hairdryer. We have been together for three years. Luckily it died on weekend. How considerate.

Either way, I needed a new hair dryer. And fast. And what is the best hair dryer out now? It’s Dyson one. At least that’s what people (and internet, mostly internet) keep telling me. I am way behind on this, like a couple of years behind. Frankly, I couldn’t justify spending 400€ on a hair drier when I have a perfectly functional one. That cost tenth of it… yeah, I am still stuck on how much I spent on a hair drier.

Is it worth it? If it was priced at 200€ or less (preferably less), I would give you a resounding yeah. But at the 400€? I guess what type of hair do you have and how ofter do you blow dry makes a difference here. 

My hair is thick and wavy (trying to curl… more like I am making them to). The whole process of blowdrying would take me 20 minutes. That is at high heat and high speed. Not the healthiest of ways. Might explain why my hair was looking fried lately. Frankly, blow drying is a pain in nether regions. 

This is why Dyson is worth it for me. I can diffuse my hair to fully dry on low heat setting in 10-15 minutes. Low heat! This fact on itself makes it worth every cent I paid for it. Besides, I expect it to last at least five years and no less.

On the other hand, I would imagine it is not the case if you using your hair dryer to straighten your hair or for a quick drying. Normal hairdryer without a hefty price tag does the same good job. As I have consciously not straightened my hair in 2 months, I can’t attest to that. You will have to try it by yourself.

P.S. my only regret as of now is that I didn’t get a purple one. What was I thinking?

Do you own or are thinking of getting Dyson blow dryer? Do you think it’s worth its price-tag? 

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