Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Miracle Cleanser

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Miracle Cleanser

I have two weaknesses – foundation and cleanser. These are the products that mysteriously jumps into my shopping basket. Though lately, I am very good at keeping myself from stacking up to five cleansers for later.

One of my last picks was an Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Miracle Cleanser. A lovely cleansing cream in a cute glass jar. I am not gonna lie and tell you that half of a reason I bought it wasn’t a cute packaging. Cause it totally was. Whoops.

Now raise your hands everyone who expected it to smell like roses? Me too… What you get instead is a strong eucalyptus and rosemary mix. The scent reminds me of their Botanical Cream Deodorant just a not as potent. At first, I was worried it would strip my skin and irritate it or sting my eyes. Usually, whenever a product has lots of essential oils, it’s a no go. Besides making my rosacea act up it leaves my skin tight and uncomfortable. You can be assured I was concerned when I first opened a jar.

I can now happily announce that my concerns were unfounded. It’s creamy and rich formula easily glides on the face and lets you have a nice massage. And a little hydration session, for I think my face absorbs at least half of a product whenever I use it.

When you’re ready to remove, a soft flannel or a muslin cloth action quickly takes care of things. Afterwards, my skin always feels soft and smooth (exfoliation action whilst removing it helps, but still). Instead of flaring up my rosacea, I think it is calming it down. That might be due to probiotics in it? Not sure how that supposed to work in a cleanser as you wash it all of, but it does make me wanna try their Probiotic Concentrate. How sneaky, Aurelia…

In the end miracle might be a strong word for it. It’s a certainly great cleanser and whilst my skin enjoyed it very much, it wasn’t a mind blowing, doves flying and angels singing in a background experience. Would I repurchase? Probably yes.

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