BYBI Beauty: first look

BYBI beauty buriti and strawberry booster

BYBI Beauty seems to be getting more popular and I wanted to try out some of their products. I ordered two of their booster oils as I started to use more oils in my skincare routine. I looked into some of their other products, but since I have a lineup of products I still have to finish up I tried very hard to not be tempted.

BYBI Beauty (which stands for By Beauty Insiders) is a cruelty-free, vegan brand, with sustainability on their mind founded in 2017.

BYBI Beauty Strawberry Booster with cold-pressed strawberry seed oil. Seed oils have a slightly unpleasant smell sometimes and this is not an exception, but together you get a sweet strawberry scent. It was created to slot into your existing skincare routine. They offer to add some drops into your serum or moisturiser. As most of my moisturisers are water-based I don’t think they would mix together all that well which would lead to a spotty application. I prefer to use it as would oil and apply all over my face as the last step of my routine. It is rather thick oil and sits on my skin for a while till absorbing completely. Since I prefer to use oil in the evenings it’s not a big deal. If you were to use it in the morning make sure to use lightly to quicken absorption.

BYBI Beauty Buriti Booster is a cold-pressed Buriti oil. It is made from the fruit of the Buriti tree, an amazonian palm. It is rich in vitamins A and E which prevents pigment spots and helps to treat rosacea. This is one of the reasons I was interested in. It feels a little lighter on the skin than a Strawberry Booster and absorbs quicker. I like to use a few drops every morning to help retain hydrations. So far it has been working out fabulously. My skin doesn’t feel as dry and I noticed my skin doesn’t break out as much. Besides, it smells amazing.

From the two products I have tried out so far I really interested in what else they have to offer. I just need to work through a bunch of half-full bottles…

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