Pestle & Mortar Hydrate Moisturiser

I used to go through moisturisers like nobody’s business. No, I was not using it in tablespoons, but I would use up almost a half of it or on rare occasions all of it and pass it on cause it stopped working for me. It’s either too heavy and feels suffocating and an extra two layers on my face or not hydrating enough. It sadly took me years to figure out that change in season needs a change in moisturiser. Who knew? Well…everyone.

I bought my first pot of Pestle & Mortar Hydrate Moisturiser almost a year ago when I was looking for a weightless moisturiser for spring and summer. After the first usage, I was in love. My skin felt hydrated, plump and soft. The scent was amazing. I would smell it for a while before putting it on my face. The whole experience was very gratifying.

I have been going through it most of the spring and summer, but during the autumn and winter months, it had to take a back seat for it started not being enough. Cold weather, winds were not so kind to my skin and I needed something heavier to protect my skin barrier. Or a whole lot more moisturiser.

This spring I pulled it out of a drawer and fell back in love with it. Whilst the scent part of it I could do without (it is strong and whilst pleasing I believe it can cause irritation for some). As I am writing this, I am freshly out. This morning I squeezed the last drop out of the pot. Will I repurchase? Probably, but not any time soon. There are lots of moisturisers I want to try out.

What is your favourite spring/summer moisturiser?

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