Lierac Double Nettoyant Double Cleanser Balm-in-Oil

Lierac Double Nettoyant Double Cleanser Balm-in-Oil

The best way to take of your make up is a topic of preference. And the amount of time you like to put into it I guess.

For years I have been bouncing between using micellar water followed by washing my skin and using a double cleanse method. The current top method is decided by a product I run out of. No micellar water? Double cleanse it is. And the other way around.

The cleansing balm is more or less thick consistency balmy oils that you massage all over your face (even the eyes if it’s not recommending against it). It melts into an oil on your skin dissolving the makeup and dirt. You can add water for it to emulsify and wash off. I prefer using a flannel or a muslin cloth soaked in hot water to remove it all when it’s in oil form. Purely a matter of preference.

A few weeks back I hit a pharmacy and was browsing shelves when I came across a Lierac Double Nettoyant Double Cleanser Balm-in-Oil (just in case you missed all the doubles – it’s for double cleansing). Besides the fact that I had no idea they had one, it was actually affordable and I had no guilt buying it. Well, maybe a little bit.

First time using it I remembered how much I enjoy using the double cleanse method. My skin feels cleaner then. Not in a no makeup left way, but all gunk in my skin is removed. Whilst I still love micellar water, namely Bioderma (no matter how many I try out, this is the one I always come back to), it needs you to have cotton pads and takes a little longer if you wore a lot of makeup that day.

Lierac cleansing balm feels very much nourishing on the skin. I have noted my skin not feeling as dry and dehydrated afterwards. I still need some extra hydration after washing my face, but it doesn’t feel as tight as it used to. My make up tends to not cling to dry patched too.

Is there anything amazing about it that would make you go to a store this instant to purchase it? No, I don’t think so, but is’s still a great basic everyday make up remover, especially if you have dry skin. There’s no such thing as too much moisture.

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