Shiseido WASO range

If there are two things I can’t help myself buying – it’s cleanser and foundation. Although I believe only the fact that I go through cleansers faster than foundation saves me from having ten bottles of cleanser in my drawers.

I needed a small sized cleanser for the holidays. There was either to take a small amount of it in a container or purchase a trial sized one. As I needed a cleanser, guess what did I do? (at this point it is kind of obvious, isn’t it).

When I found this Shiseido set, I immediately bought it as I was eyeing their cleanser for a while. Besides this way, I don’t need to commit to a full sized one. In my mind that was ticking all the boxes. And being able to try out more products from the range was a plus too.

Shiseido WASO Quick Gentle Cleanser. I enjoyed having it with me. If you’re looking for a cleanser that does just that – it’s pretty good. My skin was not irritated once, it didn’t feel stripping or harsh. On the other hand, it didn’t give me feeling that I have actually washed my skin. My skin didn’t feel as clean as with other cleansers (there I do not mean harsh and stripping ones that feels like they remove a good part of your actual skin with them, but a simple cleansing cream or balm). I am fully committed to finishing it off, but I don’t see myself buying a full sized one.
P.S. I delegated it to be an exclusively morning face wash and we get on fine. I guess once it doesn’t need to remove all days grime it works just fine.

Shiseido WASO Fresh Jelly Lotion. This is a star of the show. Texture wise it’s somewhere in the middle between toner and lotion. Once it hits your hands it almost turn to water. It feels hydrating and refreshing on the skin. I used this one exclusively for 10 days and during that time I had no new dry patches and any I had beforehand were gone after the first two usages. This is my favourite one of the set. It’s easier to travel with as I don’t have to worry about it leaking.

Shiseido WASO Clear Mega Hydrating Cream. I just can’t get on with this product. It’s a thick hydrating gel. I would imagine it being fast to absorb hydrating enough and overall comfortable. Well, it isn’t. Its formula is so thick it doesn’t feel nice to spread it on your face and it doesn’t absorb for a long time. If I were to apply too much I could still feel a layer of it on my skin.

Once I wanted to test out its mega hydration and applied it to a freshly washed face (I did use their cleanser). At first, it was ok, but then my skin started feeling tighter and tighter. As there was still a layer of gel on my face it made no sense. I guess it’s not as hydrating after all. At least not enough for me.

Either way, I don’t feel like this line is for me. I might repurchase fresh jelly lotion once I run out, but for the other ones? I’ll pass.

Have you tested out any of there yourself? How did you get on with them?

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