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I love skincare. It’s the best part of the day as you can remove all of your make up, apply a face mask, just relax and wind down from the day. These relaxing evenings are the best time to try out new products and find some great items. Today I wanted to share some of the latest skincare items I have been testing.

The FACE Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Cream

I picked it up randomly when it came up whilst I was browsing through Jolse (this is how I spend my free time…). As I enjoy the FACE Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Light Oil, I thought I just have to give this a go. I am so glad that I did. The cleansing cream has delightful smell of…cleanliness. Which might be overwhelming for those more sensitivity for scents. It makes the taking of your make up in the evening an enjoyable and relaxing way to end the day and unwind. I was worried that it being a cream will feel very heavy on the skin and leave me feeling greasy. My worries were unfounded as it easy to remove and leaves my skin feeling hydrated. A note: it does an abysmal job at trying to remove mascara. If you’re using separate makeup remover for your eyes, it is something worth looking at.
This one is a must have! I purchased it with an idea that hydration helps with major part of skin problems. Dehydration is a pain in a butt… Either way, during colder months my skin tends to get dehydrated (not dry, mind you) and horrible things tend to happen. I used it for few times and it seriously packs a punch. Whenever my skin starts to feel tight and dry, a light layer of it gives an instant relief. Definitely, something to try.

Cure Natural Aqua Gel

This one was showing up on my Pinterest grid constantly. It was meant to be. It is a gel that you spread all over your face or areas you want to be exfoliated, let it sit for a few seconds and then massage it in circular motions. Instantly little grains of dead skin start gathering. Just wash them off and voila, you have a very smooth skin. It works extremely well with dry patches. From time to time they show up on my cheeks, but quick work with cure gel and it’s all gone in the morning. I am sure going to keep using till the last drop.

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