Things gotten a little quiet here, don’t you think? At some point keeping up with life had become quite complicated. Work. Sleep. Repeat. That sums up majority of the days this month. Not much excitement there. 

Anyway, the point is that while I still was able to function somewhat, my skin had other ideas. It announced it’s opinion in dry patches, redness and bunch of spots. It obviously wasn’t happy with me.

As there isn’t much I can do with my daily schedule besides trying to sleep more, I started looking for things to help my skin. As I was browsing I came across lots of people singing praises to Estée Lauder Advance Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II (that is one long name…). If you press on the link and check out it’s price, you’ll realize that this one requires certain level of consideration before just trying it out. All this thinking process took less than a week as my skin was going only worse. 

Today it’s 3 weeks since the day I started using this serum (there is just no way I am typing its name again). My skin is steadily getting better. All dry patches were gone after first few days. Redness is majorly diminished. I still have some spots, but they are healing and things look bright.

Now I only regret I picked up smaller bottle. Next time it’s definitely the 50 ml one that is going home with me. 

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