Hermès Elixir des Merveilles EDP

Hermes Elixir des Merveilles

My perfume collection is small. At least I think so. I do not have a separate shelf to keep them all. That means it’s small, right? I might have more perfumes than one would need, but you are not expected to wear one and the same scent throughout your whole life. Unless you have a signature scent that is.

I do not have a signature scent. Sadly. I would love to find a perfume that is perfectly me. Something that is works beautifully no matter if it’s hot or cold outside. But allas, all we can do is keep looking and maybe one time we’ll hit the jackpot.

One of my winters picks is Hermès Elixir des Merveilles EDP. It is like sunshine in a bottle. It’s warm and cheerful, energetic but still comforting. You wouldn’t find any sweet, vanillary scent in this. It starts hard and strong and maybe a little off-putting hitting you with zesty orange that lasts. Slowly as base notes reveal themselves, orange gets enveloped in a sensual musk. It’s sexy and whimsical at the same time.

As much as I would like it to be otherwise, but Hermès Elixir des Merveilles is only suited for a winter cold. It’s when the scent reaches his peak and full beauty. During warmer months it is easy for it to become stifling and way too heavy.

When I first smelled it, I certainly didn’t like it. I found it to strong and spicy. It might be because I first smelled it during autumn when it was still warm outside. The second time I gave it another chance I still didn’t like it, but there was something with it that caught my attention and made my think about it and eventually try it one more time. That is when I fell in love with it.

To me, it is more of a statement perfume. It makes me feel confident, mature and ready to conquer the day. You have to be in a certain mood to wear this because it sticks around and only grows grander as the day goes by. As “conquering” is not my normal state of mind, I tent to save it for special occasions. Though when you do smell it on me…

It’s certainly not something you can smell in a store and buy instantly. I would definitely recommend spraying some on your wrist and letting it develop for a bit. That is when it’s true beauty reveals itself. That is when you can decide if it’s a scent for you.

Dare I say, but Hermès made a masterpiece. It’s so unique and different. All of it’s notes play together to keep you balancing on a thin line with it being too much and not enough. Though, you must give it a chance to grow on you.

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