Rose scented love afair

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Roses make me happy. They bring the scent of happiness and comfort. I have been incorporating more rose product into my routine when I needed a pick me up. Does it work? Well, I am happier. I wanted to share some of my favourites with you.

The Body Shop Rose Body Yoghurt. I love The Body Shop body butters, but they more often than not are to heavy and doesn’t absorb that quickly. It is quite useful when your skin is extra dry and tight, but it doesn’t happen as often to me so one pot lasts me close to a year if not longer. When they released their body yoghurts collection I purchased my first one and have loved it ever since. It’s light, moisturising, absorbs instantly and smells divine. I am on my second one, but the third one will be happening soon.

Rose scented love afair

by TERRY Baume de Rose. Might I announce it the bet lip balm ever? It’s like magic. Do you have dry, chapped lips? Fixed. Oh, your lips are sensitive and itchy? Fixed that one too. It’s always with me just in case I need it. Besides it smells great.

Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil. I love the texture of it. It is super light and absorbs quickly so you don’t have to go to sleep with a thick layer of oil on your skin. I have noticed my skin looking plumper in the mornings after using it. I can’t put my hand on what makes it something I would happily repurchase time after time, but a scent is certainly part of it. It smells like a rose (duh…) but at the same time, there is something different about it (update: I imagine rose cotton candy would smell something alike). I could just keep smelling it non stop.

Pixi Rose Tonic. If you ever needed great moisturising and calming toner – Pixi got you covered. Rose Tonic is quite new in my shelf, but I have loved every second using it. I enjoy patting a little bit of it on my skin after washing it in the evening to bring back a little bit of moisture. Amazing as everything Pixi does.

Rose scented love afair

MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Rose. This one I was on a fence about for a long time. I like that it gives me glow and merges all of my make up together removing powdery effect, but I don’t think it makes it last longer. I stopped using when I didn’t see any advantage of using it. After a few months I saw it standing on my shelf and gathering dusts. Feeling bad about wasting it like that I gave a few sprits of it on my face. I loved it’s relaxing scent. Afterwards I started using it daily. Because not everything has to have a bigger purpose and make a dramatic difference. It makes me feel good and that’s enough. Will I repurchase when mine ends? I might, because feeling good is worth 21€.

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