Bloggers made my buy it

I would like to think that I am pretty immune to the blogger hype and subsequent need to have it. But sometimes even I succumb to the massive hypes going around and all of the following below are results of that moment of weakness… Caudalie Beauty Elixir was the product I was eyeing the longest. I…

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The winter is ending in a few day, have you noticed? I have been staring at a calendar for a few minutes and then Oh look, the Spring!  Anyway, the comes few bits I have been loving for the last month. O’Right Golden Rose Oil Sample sized version came with beauty box and I…

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I feel like the the whole year flew by before I even noticed. I wish time would slow down sometimes. At least it was a productive year, as a line up of great products I have discovered this year shows. The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil I am almost out of this one. No…

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I’ll admit, I did not see the point of eyelash curler for a long time. It looks like a torture instrument and if your lashes aren’t growing straight, you can achieve the same effect with a curling mascara. Lets not mention all the horror stories about ripped out lashes.  At some point I caved and…

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If you are anything like me, there’s never enough space to put everything. No matter how many drawers, shelves or boxes do you have. It just doesn’t fit.  If you’re looking for a cute storage for your brushes, here’s two worth checking out. Beautiful metal pen holder for only £2.09 (with shipping). I can almost imagine…

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